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Quick Facts:



  • Hemp seed tastes good.
  • Hemp seed contains 0.00% THC.
  • Hemp seed is hypoallergenic. There are no known food allergies to hemp seed.
  • Hemp seed has a mild, sweet flavor and can be added to any breakfast. Never again will people need to supplement their diets with horrible tasting fish oil!
  • A breakfast with a full serving of hemp seed helps replace harmful fats with healthy fats leading to better overall health and well-being.
  • Hundreds of clinical studies have shown that essential fatty acids (Omega’s) are vital in the prevention and treatment of many diseases and chronic illness.
  • Raw hemp seed is so balanced and nutritious most people report feeling better after only one serving. When eaten for breakfast this feeling usually lasts all day.
  • Hemp seed contains a complete spectrum of essential amino acids and proteins. Replace your breakfast sausage with hemp seed and feel better all day!
  • Hemp seed was a staple of the human diet throughout much of the world for at least 10,000 years. Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine have used hemp seed for thousands of years to treat and cure many diseases and they continue to do so today.
  • Hemp seed is one of the only unprocessed plant foods on earth to contain an abundant source of perfectly balanced essential fatty acids(Omega’s). Flax and other seeds do not have this balance and as a result may become toxic when eaten on a daily basis.


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