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TOASTED HEMP SEED (no sea salt) – 5 LB PAIL

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You receive (1) one 5 lb. conventional toasted hemp seed bulk pail.

Our toasted hemp seed is packaged in UV protected white 5 lb pails or black 25 lb pails and shipped in a cardboard box.

Ultra-Violet (UV) light and oxygen are the two main factors that will degenerate the hemps foods and may turn it rancid if not stored properly.

Keep in a cool dark place away from UV light and oxygen. Products can be kept in the fridge or freezer. Products can be repackaged into smaller containers to remove the excess oxygen once opened and used.

Shelf Life is 2 years if stored properly and un-opened. This makes for a great survival food that can last for many years after the indicated shelf life if stored properly.

Best Before Dates & Lot Numbers can be found on the top right hand corner of the box and/or on the lid of the packaging.


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